Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sum sketches

Hey Guys,

How are you all doing? Here are some sketches I did.. The ones on the top are quick.. some are studies from other artist, some are from out of my head.. mostly the ones on the bottom though. I am trying to get back into drawing figures.. too many props, vehicles, and backgrounds lately!

The vehicle sketches were quick ideations for a class im taking with Andy Chung. He's a super cool teacher, and Im learning a lot. Will be a full on traditional class, with only markers, chalk, and gouache. I cant fuckin wait to get to the end!!!


Laura Ferguson said...

I love your vehicles :3 Would you mind if one day I borrowed one of your designs and made a 3d model? ( * 0 *)

Ang said...

Hey Hiko!

I would be honored if you did that.. WOW! BE SURE TO SHOW ME. I love your mad modeling skills yo!

Laura Ferguson said...

Yay!! Thank you~!
Don't worry, I'll show you when I finish. ;D