Sunday, September 4, 2011

gouache gouache gouache and a new study!

splat splat splat. i wub paint. splat splat splat

These are old. Now that I look at them, damn, my color needs TONS of work. Also, thank you everyone who has been following my blog - It really means a lot! Each time I log in, I notice more and more people are watching me! That is GREAT MOTIVATION FOR MEEEE!! THANK YOU ALL TT_TT YOU ARE GREAT!

Here's a quick study I started today.. Hopefully Ill finish it tomorrow!


Mauricio said...

I thought these looked familiar! haha. These are really good, great studies and simplified interpretations. i just did a gouache painting myself and it makes me want to do it more but there's never enough time in the day! Anyway, keep at it!

Oh, and about your're welcome for the motivation :D

abeoh! said...

keeping it sexy Anggg!!! very nice paintings! i love em.

Arron said...

Sweet paintings, Ang!