Sunday, July 17, 2011

Study #2 Currently a WIP!

Not the best, but if it doesnt enlarge, here's the link to enlarge it:


Yo guys! Ahh, things have been busy, but in a good way! I am moving in with two of my pals! One, a best friend, and two a SUPER CLOSE FRIEND! Which I
am sure will be one of my best friends as well! They are.. Mark Taihei and Ruolin Li! Both who are extremely talented! Be sure to check out their work!!!!

Here's a quick study!!! Going to take a break from it and paint
more soon. I got so inspired by the Jamie Jones workshop at CDA, I just had to paint!

A quick study at work:

P.S. Titmouse is awesome. I love it there so far. So many inspirational artist, and awesome people!


Mauricio said...

Nice color :)

cALviN said...

wow nice! I did some environment studies this morning too haha! Jaime is awesome!

zen wang said...

impressive!! Ang, why I cannot click on your image for a bigger version?