Thursday, June 30, 2011

AX and new stuff!

Hey guys!
Ill be attending Anime Expo Artist Alley! Come find me.. Number is E5758. Ill have 4 other buds close by, you should def check out their work. Search for them on the side: Lianna, Mark Taihei, and Stephanie! My other friend doesnt have a blog but is extremely talented!! Here are a few WIP images that I will be selling there! These are all work in progresses!!!! Hope you like them! Other ones can be found on my deviantart located at:
The guns are the 2nd week hwk from Darren's class.. Ill be pumping out some vehicles/creatures this week! so stay tuned!!! Ahh!! so pathetic.. I only got two new prints done! haha..

I ALSO SCORED A JOB AT TITMOUSE! I'll be doing some Background layouts.. I really cant wait. Drawing is my life! I would like to give a special shout out to my mentor and a SUPER inspiring artist.. DARREN QUACH! Thanks for the referral!!


Chris Chien. said...

cool cool - ill see you at ax!

Casey said...

Cool beans, Ang! Great update. :)