Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quick Study... AGAIN!

This was based off of Ryan Lang's work. He's super awesome, you guys should take a look at his blog! Rather quick, took a few breaks. It's still unfinished.
This was done with my friend Connie! Go to her blog! You can find her on my blog list.
P.S. the value/color difference is huge from different monitors... D: makes me so sad.


Brandon said...

I really like where its going. I love the brush strokes and the painterly approach that you have take.

Connie J. Wong said...

So nice! Really good control of brush work! Thanks for posting this!

Connie J. Wong said...

also like the efficiency and decisiveness of each brush stroke. Ang, the Mastah!

Helen Chen said...

Nice stuff! I just stumbled on your blog and I love all the stuff you got. I'm only commenting on this specific blog post because I just happen to who's piece it happens to be!

- said...

nice chromosome study~
i love the strokes.