Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vehiclesssss and a still life

Here's something from Summer. A Scout Vehicle. I overlayed the linework onto my original block in... Still need to go in and adjust the values and adjust the few things.. but for now C&C welcomed!

This was something I did during my summer break too.. just a quick still life of my desk. yes.. it's super messy :(


Mauricio said...

Hey, Angela! So this is the first time that I've been blog browsing in weeks, and I found your blog. I like your stuff, and I look forward to seeing your Princess Bride studies up here if you ever put them up. Hope you don't mind if I add your blog to mine. See ya in class!

Fred Studart said...

Incredible work!
You are surely very talented!
Way to go!

Arthur Fong said...

I'm really liking a lot of your still life studies. And your technique has a painterly quality to them... KEEP THEM UP!!!


jonnadon said...

thanks :) your stuff is looking awesome love the car