Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Viscom 4 Stuff and a quick doodle

Do you see the little man skipping in the middle? lol

A view outside of the art center library. It was sorta hard to do this one because the lighting kept changing. It was a fun experience though. This was heavily inspired by the artist Robh Ruppel. His work is awesome!
Internshow stuff will be coming up within a few days..! School finals are almost done!!


jonnadon said...

really cool robot :D
school is almost over for us too and going to a europe art trip with my mentor this summer XD

Mark Taihei said...

hey. let's have a robot war!
fighting, not drawing them, cause i'll lose.

TH3DEN said...

Whoa! Nice, that's pretty epic. Love the painting, custom texture brush?

TH3DEN said...

Hey Angela, you can reach me at ragbag8@hotmail dot com. :)