Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Vis4 Snizzle!

Here's some newer b/w stuff from Visc4.

Assignment was pretty free. we got to do anything we wanted to. Here's what I ended up with - Values are still a bit inconsistent in some areas. Will try to work them out throughout the term.
Here's a lighter version of the warrior. I had to darken it for print settings.. so i have a few steps that are not showing up here... cause this is a previously saved version. Thanks again for looking!


TH3DEN said...

great stuff! i really like your designs from cars to landscapes and characters! and.......linked!

jonnadon said...

yeah im a book freak i got three more bookshelf fill with books at home

i graduate end of this year hopefully

the character looks really cool i love it

how are you doing?