Thursday, January 1, 2009


Here's my final pieces from Viscom.
How we started the project was that the teacher assigned us 100 thumbnails - one for each subject.. so basically 25 for each final piece. Along with that, we had to give them 6 refinements for each piece, then end up with the last one.

My concepts:

First piece is the Siamese twins. What I thought bout while creating the character was that the ship they piloted had enough space for only two people- since it was a small and quick ship. What if i designed a character around that concept that only took up one seat instead of two? That would keep the ship far more compact, and would be more compact.. I didnt design the ship for them though, I chose to do the other one.

2nd Piece is my Airship. This was the one that fought against the towns, while the smaller, quicker ship tried to destroy them. It was said to be a huge and massive ship. I chose to do huge gear that surrounded the ship because the theme of this project was steampunk. I thought that was most suitable and gave it that feel the most, along with the colors.

3rd piece is my environment - the valley of the morning. This is basically the 'grave yard' for the Airship (the 2nd piece). Thus the gears fall into this valley, creating huge archs. Other pieces fall into the valley as well... creating garbage on the floor. It was said to be foggy, and much like the yellow mountains of china.

4th is the Hornet Hanger. This is where the small airships reside. My concept was much like a watch with revealing gears. Those gears power the buildings and extract water from the lake that it is sitting on. That is where the power comes from (because it is a steam punk project). Small doors are there to allow other hornets in.


Justin said...
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Justin said...

(last post was useless :P, blogger needs to put up a "edit post" function)

The last piece is definitely your strongest, it has the most indication of perspective.

The valley piece is good, you really pushed the color temps and you had a really smart use of the cast shadows!

hope you're ready to get back into the fray!